Investment Professionals

You put your reputation on the line each time you recommend a plan administrator.

Brokers choose Retirement Planning Services, Inc. (RPS) because we offer the highest available excellence in service.  We provide experienced, client-focused plan design and administration expertise in 401(k) and pension plans while always providing responsive and personal advisement.

Become Your Client’s Most Trusted Advisor

Your clients expect well-designed retirement plans that enhance strategic corporate goals.  Plan participants expect a wide array of leading investment options. Trustees expect unparalleled internet functionality and effective employee educational materials.  And as a broker, you expect exceptional fiduciary tools to help guide the plan’s important financial decisions.

Without these key ingredients, your plans will flounder and plan participants will tragically fail to achieve their retirement objectives.

You work hard to build credibility and trust among your book of business.  You cannot afford the cost of second-class plan design and administration that results in significant IRS penalties, lost productivity and wasted time resolving errors.

RPS supports you by providing the tools and expertise to help you meet your client’s growing requests.  With RPS as your partner, you can meet and exceed expectations to establish customer satisfaction that will help you win and retain business.

Your Partner For Success

At RPS, we are stewards of your business. And to this end, we do whatever is necessary to empower and simplify your job in ensuring that you are more efficient and successful.

  • Assist with employee enrollment meetings and communication.
  • Provide broker continuing education training.
  • Keep you informed of new developments in law through informational bulletins and proactive communication.
  • Dedicated representatives always on hand to answer all your questions swiftly and accurately.



“As a practice whose focus is qualified retirement plans, we here at CC Coaching and Consulting, Inc. recognize the importance of service, knowledge in the complicated and changing world of qualified retirement plans (QRP) and coordination with the broker and record keeper.  These traits will become increasing important in the future and therefore brokers need a highly skilled third party administrator to partner with when working in the QRP arena.


“Over the years the team at RPS Plan Administrators has been such a skilled partner.  From facilitating with the sales process and plan design to installation and — most importantly — service, we at CC Coaching and Consulting, Inc. have a reliable partner dedicated to the delivery of high-value qualified retirement plan products to the plan sponsor.”

Craig Ciarlelli, President

CC Coaching and Consulting Inc.


“I’ve worked with RPS and Nathan Carlson for over 10 years.  In addition to superior admin support and timely responses Nathan has been a great resource for technical support and plan design.

“Additionally he’s been instrumental in helping with client presentations and ongoing updates with interactive plan design to find the most appropriate solution for the client need.”

Mark Sindrich, CFP®

Sindrich & Associates


“Why do we use RPS?  Because, simply, they are the best at what they do.

“We can choose to work with any of the multitude of TPA firms. We use RPS because we know things are going to be done accurately and on time.

“They provide the type of proficiency and hands-on service you just can’t get with a bundled provider.  If you’ve never brought Nathan in to demonstrate plan design scenarios to a client or prospect, you are missing an opportunity to add immeasurable value to the relationship.

“RPS’ expertise in plan design, ERISA law and general administration is second to none, and we are confident our clients are in the best hands when working with Nathan and his highly credentialed team.”

Amanda L. Arthur, PRP

401k Squared